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Piardi Induction Line High Pot

Piardi Induction Line High Pot The external coating is black color and the internal one is dotted black and white. The nonstick next-gen Pfoa-free pan, it keeps unchanged the food flavor. It is safe for healty and environmentally friendly. It's suitable for all kind of hobs, including induction. Size: 20, 24 cm

126,39 zł
Piardi Line Stir Frypan

Piardi Line Stir Frypan Apparently it looks like a simple concave pan, actually it is a very useful item, special for stir-fried cooking, thanks to the non-stick cladding the food flows without sticking, thanks to its concave shape it maintains heat and fries with a small amount of oil.  Size: 24, 28 cm

63,71 zł
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