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Tognana Sphera Crepes Pan

Tognana Sphera Crepes Pan Sphera is the new Tognana collection of pots and pans, created to offer unbeatable non-stick performance that preserves natural taste of food. Sphera got extra thick thermo-radiant aluminium + steel bottom. Frypan diameter size: 25 cm

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Tognana Mythos Crepe Pan

Tognana Mythos Crepe Pan Innovative, dynamic and legendary cook ware of Mythos series is perfect for every kitchen, cook wares are made offorged aluminum, while the very thick bottom distributes heat evenly and is also suitable for induction. Frypan diameter size: 25, 28 cm

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Tognana Country Chic Crepe Pan

Tognana Country Chic Crepe Pan The Diamond in your kitchen. The high durability of the Country Chic series products is due to technology LONG LIFE DIAMOND TECH.Internal non-stick coating, ultra-reinforced with diamonds powder to increase scratch and abrasion resistance. Frypan diameter size: 25, 28 cm

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Tognana PureRoq Crepes Pan

Tognana PureRoq Crepes Pan PureRoq design, minimal but reckless, is designed with innovative and excellent materials: Tognana’s meticulous research and development phase has made possible to realize products by the high quality standard. Frypan diameter size: 28 cm

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Tognana Stone & Wood Crepes Pan

Tognana Stone & Wood Crepes Pan A unique natural style, made to last, Stone&Wood series have forged aluminum body and very thick bottom also suitable for induction. Pan diameter size: 25, 28 cm

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Tognana Ambiziosa Crepe Pan

Tognana Ambiziosa Crepe Pan Innovative, versatile and functional design collection Ambiziosa makes the cooking becomes easy and enjoyable.  The high-quality non-stick coating with granite effect, not containing PFOA and nickel particles, makes prepared food healthy and has a natural taste. Size: 26 cm

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Tognana Italika Premium Crepe Pan

Tognana Italika Premium Crepe Pan The cookware of the Italika Premium line are part of the "Tognana" brand and represents an indispensable accessory in the kitchen to prepare any type dish with practicality and ease, combining extraordinary performance with the exclusive design made in Italy.

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Piardi Crepiere Line Crepe Pan

Piardi Crepiere Line Crepe Pan Crepiere for cooking pancakes, piadina and bread slices, it is made of aluminum with a high quality coating, ergonomic Bakelite handle. Size: 18, 22, 25, 28 cm

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Piardi Induction Line Crepe Pan

Piardi Induction Line Crepe Pan The external coating is black color and the internal one is dotted black and white. The nonstick next-gen Pfoa-free pan, it keeps unchanged the food flavor. It is safe for healty and environmentally friendly. It's suitable for all kind of hobs, including induction. Size: 28 cm%MCEPASTEBIN%%MCEPASTEBIN%%MCEPASTEBIN%

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