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Halloween - feel the thrill of Halloween in the Scapol online store!

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Halloween - feel the thrill of Halloween  in the Scapol online store!

Halloween masquerade custom celebrated in many countries on the evening of October 31. References to Halloween are often visible in popular culture, mainly American.



There are more and more Halloween supporters in Poland!

Halloween is celebrated the loudest in the United States, Canada, Ireland and Great Britain, although it is not an official holiday worldwide it is extremely popular. This holiday came to Poland in the 90’s and over time became more and more popular. A lot of products in stores with a pumpkin motif, skeletons and available decorations caused that Poles are more and more often participating in the Halloween party.




The most characteristic symbol associated with the fall season as well as Halloween is the pumpkin. The hollow and backlit pumpkin with jagged teeth is the perfect home decoration as well as cheap due to the season that falls at the turn of September and October. In addition to pumpkins, other popular Halloween themes are ghosts, demons, vampires, skeletons, witches and all horror movie themes.








Trick or treat?

Another tradition on Halloween is trick or treat (American trick or treat), children dressed as ghosts, witches, zombies walk in the neighborhood to collect sweets, knock on the door and if the household member was unprepared and there is no nothing sweet treat him a little prank, for example, they paint the door with chalk.


Coffee or treat! 


Give your friends or yourself a gift, buy high-quality cafes, pans or porcelain for Halloween in our store!

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