3V Venosta Impero Cutlery Cake Server 18/C



3V Venosta  Impero Cutlery Cake Server 18/C

Cake Server Boston line 18/10 1.80 mm

Set of high quality Cutlery entirly made in Italy, polished Stainless steel 18/10. Our Luxory cutlery has forged knives with sensational blade with whom you can easily cut meat or other strong food.

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3V Venosta  Impero Cutlery Cake Server 18/C

Our lines of cutlery Stainless Steel 18/C are unique and stylish, entirely made in Italy, produced with inimitable knowledge and technologies. These polished cutlery are extremly strong and  impossible to fold, resistent to corrosion and always easy to clean. The knives has a blade well sharped for an easy and perfect cut of the food.

The cutlery line Impero is made entirely of 18/C Stainless Steel of the highest quality, and is available in the thickness: 2.0 mm. The Impero cutlery line is characterized by the harmonious decoration enhancing the cutlery. Its classic shape adorns every table with refinement. The decoration is based on distinctive elements of the Impero artistic style, skilfully represented on this cutlery, to offer a design element that is never ordinary. The Impero cutlery line is suited for hotels, cafeterias, catering companies, restaurants and for those who love elegant decoration and details.

Stainless Steel 18/C - Thickness 2,0 mm.
Polishing By Brushing.

2,0 mm Stainless Steel 18/10.
Polishing By Tumbling.

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