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Monopol Westmark...

Monopol Westmark Opener Puro Classy pure designThe nice heavy die casted quality underlines the valueUnobtrusive matt finishDimensions: 155 x 15 x 20 mmMaterial: zinc-diecast, satin-finish.

70,01 zł
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Monopol Westmark Pourer Versa From brushed stainless steelUnobtrusive matt-designWith silicone sealing elementDimensions: Ø 30 x 100 mmMaterial: stainless steel, silicone.

88,77 zł
Foil Cutter Mondo By...

Foil Cutter Mondo By Monopol Easy and secure foil cuttingSpring loadedThe tong-like shape offers flexible adjustment todifferent size bottle necksDimensions: 65 x 55 x 15 mmMaterial: zinc-diecast, satin-finish.

65,67 zł
Monopol Westmark Bell...

Monopol Westmark Bell Corkscrew Monopull With cork removerThe tong shape makes it very easy to put thecorkscrew on the bottle neckThe cork is automatically pulled out of the bottle- due to the construction just a constant turningmovement is neededDimensions: 155 x 90 x 35 mmMaterial: zinc-die cast, satin-finish, cuttingthread hardened steel.

305,13 zł
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