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Tognana Sphera now available in our online store!

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Tognana means tradition, creativity, technology, design and much more.

Passion and attention to detail.
All our processing methods skillfully pair traditional craftsmanship with the most modern technologies, creating shapes, colours and effects that are always out of the ordinary. Passion and care to detail are reflected in authentic Italian design to elegantly enhance any room of the home and make each moment, every instant, unique.

Sphera is the new Tognana collection of pots and pans, created to offer unbeatable non-stick performance that preserves natural taste of food. Sphera got extra thick thermo-radiant aluminium + steel bottom.


 Among the features that make Sphera unique:
- The porcelain microspheres layer ensures superior non-stick property


-The thermos-radiant anti-deformation stainless steel base allows excellent performance at high temperatures even on induction

- PFOA free, Nickel free, water based coating, it allows healthy cooking

Possibility to wash in dishwasher. (We recommend to clean by hands.)

-Adapted to induction hobs

Multi-purpose Oven Double Pan 10 in 1

One product, ten uses

In the Sphera line you will find products such as:

Stir Frypan 28 cm                                                                                                     Frypan
                                                                                                                                             size: 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 cm

                              WS758Q2SPHA.png                               WS58P5SPHA.jpg

Egg pan: 16 cm                                                                               Multi-purpose Oven Double Pan
                                                                                                                     Round 30 cm, Square 30 x 22 cm

WS758TASPHA.png                                                                 WS758F1SPHA_2.png


Crepe Pan: 25 cm                                                                 Grill Pan: 28 x 28 cm

WS758CQSPHA.png                                 WS758BLSPHA.png                         

Casserole 1 Handle: 16 cm                                                                               Skillet
                                                                                                                        size :
28 cm

WS7581BSPHA.png                                     WS7583VSPHA.png

Coffee-Maker Sphera w rozmiarach: 3, 6 Tz                                                                             Pot
                                                                                                                                                      2 Handles
: 28 cm


TWEB40.png                                                           WS7581ESPHA.png

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